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Qool Media's Publishing Division specializes in creating rich and engaging content and building thriving online communities. Our destination websites inform and entertain audiences who reach us through social, search, and content marketing channels.

Qool Marketing.

Qool Media's Agency Division is a digital marketing agency with a niche focus on management of quality media buys for exclusive publishers. We offer a unique performance model, with deep experience operating within buy side and sell side policies. Our tools include a publisher-specific marketing platform and a fully transparent compliance portal.

Your Guide to Adventure

Whether you're a nomadic world traveler or a weekend warrior, Travelversed has got the tips and inspiration you need to make the most of your journey.

Extreme Wealth. Extreme Excess

Extreme wealth and extreme excess go hand in hand, and Filthy Rich is dedicated to ranking and cataloguing all the millionaires, mansions, and Mazeratis found in the world of the filthy rich.

Health in Body and Mind

Looking to improve your health, become a better person, live a more fulfilling life, and adapt to a constantly changing world? Healthversed has got your back.

Your Online Auto Destination

Whether you're a daily commuter looking for a reliable ride, a car enthusiast thinking about your next hot rod, or a parent who needs to get the kids from A to Z, Autoversed has something for you.

The Qool Media Family

We focus on creating quality content and building strong communities in a variety of niches. From reviews and insights into the latest vehicles to guides for getting the most out of your next European vacation, we've got it all.

Meet the Qool Media family:

Be Seen By Millions

We'll put you center stage in front of our diverse audience covering 5 key verticals: health, lifestyle, travel, automotive and entertainment.

Reach Targeted Consumer Demographics

Advertising with Qool Media gives you a direct line to millions of viewers in a variety of topic spaces.

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